I’m making a to-do list of stuff I want to do before I leave for the Philippines. Ahhh!

I’m making a to-do list of stuff I want to do before I leave for the Philippines. Ahhh!

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Basically what I hear whenever Joffrey’s on screen

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Before, depressed with an eating disorder.  Now, recovered caveman.

Re-blogging this cuz its from a guys perceptive!



Before, depressed with an eating disorder.  Now, recovered caveman.

Re-blogging this cuz its from a guys perceptive!

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God: Gabe, stop, I’m working.
God: Here’s a box of parts, go nuts.
God: -several hours later- Gabe? Where are you, my son?
Gabriel: DAD, LOOKIT!
God: Dafuq is that?
Gabriel: A PLATYPUS!





They don’t do much

this is the fucking funniest thing ever

LOOK at it though

"just put it in australia"


Assemble by Blule

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Let it Go (Chinese musical Instruments cover: Erhu, Guzheng) 


古筝:玉面小嫣然 , CM Entertainment 


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Actual Quotes from my Dad (An English Teacher)

Dad: Why the hell did you put a comma there?
Dad: Do you even know what a participial phrase is?
Dad: Omg. He's like my favorite character of all time.
Dad: Who should I dress up as for the movie premier?
Dad: Hey are you awak? I know it's late, but you read Animal Farm, right? Yeah. I need you to read this report. I can't tell if I am just super tired or if this is actual bullshit.
Dad: Alesha wouldn't be able to spell 'definitely' right if wrote it down for her. She would fucking erase it and then write 'defiantly', because she doesn't care. I hate her.
Dad: I need you to bake brownies. I lost a bet.
Dad: Omg. You cannot ship me with Gilcher. You know I don't like tattoos and he's like twenty-five. And for Christ's sake, he teaches math.
Dad: Omg. Gilcher said the funniest thing today.
Dad: Mrs. Ashworth and I have decided to start a band. It'll be called Great Expectations.
Dad: It's like you didn't read the fucking book.
Dad: Okay. So this week you're reading this book I stole from Mrs. Ashworth's. It's like sixty pages long, but you'll love it.
Dad: *puts books on my bed for me to read everyday and demands that I read them*
Dad: My son doesn't like reading. I have not only failed him, but society. You aren't my son. Leave.
Dad: Okay. So you're getting books for Christmas. All of you. I get discounts on them since I'm a teacher, and since I'm a teacher, it's all I can afford, so...
Dad: Fucking standardized testing can go fuck itself in the ass.
Dad: I have to teach for the required testing instead of what they really need to know.
Dad: Fuck the government.
Dad: Fuck the school board.
Dad: Close the door.
Dad: Charles Dickens was so fucking pretentious, and I hate him, but he also caused change, but he's such a Dick. Ha. DICKens.
Dad: I love puns.
Dad: People who say sarcasm is the lowest form of humor are assholes.
Dad: Please shut up.
Dad: Catching Fire was the worst book but the best movie and that feels weird.
Dad: I wouldn't get so mad when you call me at school if you didn't change your ringtones to inappropriate rap music.
Dad: I fucking hate Alesha. She asked what countries were apart of Austria-Hungary today and I almost told her to get out.
Dad: You cannot visit my school in a dress that short. There are boys there.
Dad: Barbra Parks is fucking Queen.
Dad: I need you to make me a good, relaxing playlist for silent reading. I'm too lazy.
Dad: If I have to watch two of my students grind on each other at one more dance, I will kill them both.
Dad: They act like I care what they think.
Dad: I hate homework.
Dad: I have decided to become a politician.
Dad: What's the one book with the guys and the one kills the other and the chick without a name who dies and the short angry man? Mouseman? Oh my fucking gosh. Of Mice and Men. I have failed.


I don’t want to focus on a single tragedy today and make it seem like one is more important than another. South Korea is probably the most popular in the news right now, and I am incredibly invested in staying updated through the crisis, but I also must ask for people to keep a few more areas in your mind.

First, flight MH 370 which is “old” news, but there were 239 lives lost. Currently sonar has shown possible remains off of Australia, but the notifications are from so deep that it is extremely difficult to actually recover evidence that the sonar is even picking up flight debris. To put the search into perspective, the notification is coming from a depth below even the titanic and it took us years to find the ship. Keep the passengers from flight MH 370 in your thoughts.

Second, there was a 7.2 magnitude earthquake in Mexico that caused some damage. I have not heard of any reported deaths, but obviously people are shaken. Also there was recently a 8.2 magnitude earthquake in Chile that generated landslides and a tsunami. There are currently five reported deaths.

Third, there was an avalanche on Mt. Everest that killed 12 Sherpa guides, and there are still four people missing.

In Nigeria there were 129 young girls kidnapped, and only 14-30 (numbers extremely controversial) have managed to escape.

Venezuela has entered into its third week of social unrest and there are currently 14 dead and 150 wounded. For the past three weeks, civilians have launched the largest protest in Venezuela for over a decade. Protests are occurring because citizens from the lower and middle class want President Maduro to step down from office due to the high number of Venezuelans who are suffering from the high inflation, spiralling crime and food shortage.

In Ukraine, there is continuing civil unrest and protests from what started in November as an argument over a trade pact that turned into something much bigger. The Ukrainian people are demanding that the President loosen his grip on power and the constitution be changed. Basically, the country is in the middle of an anti-government protests that is the worst seen for over ten years. In February, parliament removed President Viktor Yanukovych. After, there was much tension in Crimea, where additional Russian military were deployed and a secession referendum was held in which the majority of the region’s people voted to join Russia. The death toll In Ukraine due to the protests is somewhere between 100 and 77, with over 577 injured.

Lastly, off the coast of Indonesia another boat has sunk, this one killing 22, with 30 reported missing, and 28 survivors. The boat was filled with asylum seekers looking for a better life in Australia.

Current South Korea stats sit at 29 confirmed dead, 274 still missing, and 173 have been rescued.

Keep all of these people and countries in your thoughts as they struggle through these extremely hard times and delicate situations. It’s frustrating knowing there isn’t much many of us can do in these situations, but often just knowing that there is support can help comfort people or boost morale. Sometimes all wee can do is love, support, and hope for miracles.

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Campaign Adot : Ukraine / Russia

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